R.A.T Uniform Requirments (NEW members MUST read)

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R.A.T Uniform Requirments (NEW members MUST read) Empty R.A.T Uniform Requirments (NEW members MUST read)

Post by R3Monarch on Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:52 pm

These are the uniform requirements for playing as a member of Team Ricochet. All members must comply with the requirements listed below.

Seniors, Regulars and Recruits

Multicam trousers: These may be any type of multicam trousers (BDU cut, ACU cut, tactical pants, Combat Pants AC, any generation of Crye Precision multicams, but they MUST be Multicam)

Multicam/OD/Ranger Green/Tan top: This includes blouses, combat shirts, and skivie shirts (under shirts typically worn underneath a blouse or combat shirt by military personnel). Skivie shirts will NOT be in a camo patter. If you elected to forgo a blouse or combat shirt, you will wear a regular, plain colored earth tone skivie shirt

The Patch

The Ricochet Team subdued patch will ALWAYS be worn on the left shoulder of a blouse or combat shirt. We do not wear the brightly colored ceremonial patch on the field, unless we are playing at an indoor field where blending is not an issue. The patch can be attached via the velcro that it comes attached to.

I lieu of a combat shirt or blouse with a velcro panel, it may be sown onto a multicam blouse in BDU cut, or if the member is wearing only a skivie shirt, it may be worn on the chest on an admin pouch with velcro or the velcro that comes on a plate carrier

The Tab (Optional Patch Modification):

Upon receiving your patch, you may carefully remove the overhead tab and wear the tab on a different part of your uniform separate from the shield itself. For example, I wear the shield on my left shoulder, but I wear the tab on my chest.


Plate Carriers/Harnesses/Chest rigs/Tactical Vests

All forms of body armor (replica OR real) must be either Coyote Tan, Coyote Brown, or Mulitcam. Black or other camo patterns (especially ACU) are forbidden due to breaking the camo pattern to an extreme level.

Your set up in terms of pouches and mag holding is your own. You may wear battle belts, drop leg holsters and platforms, or any other sort of gear, but said gear must match one of the 3 colors allowed to you.

Certain exceptions may be made to members with monetary issues, but the goal should be to fix them as soon as you are financially able to do so.


Having no patches, and not being full members of the team, Applicants have no gear restrictions of any sort. However, in order to be promoted to Recruit, an applicant must possess at least multicam trouseres. In order to be promoted to Regular Member from Recruit, you must be in possession of a chest piece in one of the 3 authorized colors

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