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Ricochet Core Values Empty Ricochet Core Values

Post by R3Monarch on Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:15 am


Responsibility - To our fellow players, to our brothers on Team Ricochet, and to the sport itself, to help create an environment that is safe and fun for everyone to play in. A responsibility to the young players to make them want to keep playing, and a responsibility to the sport to make sure it stays around for years to come

Admirable Conduct - We call our hits. We do not insult other players or start fights. We act professionally and admirably. We are an example that other players and teams should want to follow

Teamwork - Ricochet is not just a group of players, it is a team of brothers. We are family, a very deadly family, and we work together on the airsoft field to create proper milsim and to win events and Ops. Teamwork is the key to victory

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