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Post by R3Monarch on Wed Mar 20, 2013 11:41 am

I'm proud of every single one of you. All 3 of the other seniors, Kyle, Sean and Facas, have done a tremendous job organizing the team into fire teams, designing the forum and the team page and recruiting new members, as well as laying out guidelines that are shaping this team into what it is today

I'm proud of our Junior members, whether returning, like Ian and Dom, who have done an outstanding job helping with the forum, or newer blood, like Blake and Will, who have shown fierceness on the battlefield and an eagerness to be promoted and to help this team grow, as well as to learn and improve their skills from the more skilled and knowledgable members such as myself and the other seniors

I'm glad to be getting Ivan back, and I'll be excited to see him get his patch and rejoin Ricochet fully

I'm glad we have so many new applicants and recruits who want to join and have shown a strong interest in joining Team Ricochet, like Joe Mondrey, and Jake Swann, and recently, Donald Tran.

I am fuckin' proud to call you all my brothers, my blood kin, and my Krantt. As far as I can tell, there's no one else i'd trust to have at my back should the world fall to ruin

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