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SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Empty SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

Post by Tech on Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:14 pm

Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.) for recruits:

Someone has a friend, or they meet a player on the field and they are interested in joining Ricochet.

-Recruits Definition- Someone that has been accepted into the ranks of Ricochet but has no set position yet. This is the first step of membership and a necessary step in order to become a full member.
-In order to obtain Recruit status you MUST have the following:
1. You must have a Plate Carrier, Tactical Vest, Chest rig, or some way of carrying around your mag’s and other gear you use will playing a game.
2. You must have multicam Trousers. These may be any type of multicam trousers (BDU cut, ACU cut, Tactical Pants, Combat Pants AC, any generation of Crye Precision, it does not matter as long as they are multicam)
3. You must have a Multicam/OD/Ranger Greem/Tan Top. This includes Blouses, combat shirts, or any top used by military personal.
4. You MUST own a primary aeg or gbbr. Snipers are also accepted if that is the class you are trying to fulfill.
-Recruits must demonstrate their abilities to two or more members during a game and display good team work to gain the title from Applicant to recruit.

-Recruits have no set position in the team or on any Fireteam/squad, to achieve full “member” status and earn their Ricochet patch, they must perform in the role they wish to fill during a team game with two or more senior members present.

-In the event that having two senior members attend the team game is impossible, sufficient video footage(helmet cam) can be an option if senior members approve of what they see.

-Patches will not be given until two or more senior members are on hand to award them personally.

-This will happen after a team game by ceremony. All recruits who have earned their patches will be awarded together with each senior member applying the subdued patch to the recipient's left shoulder. Ceremonial patches will be given by a "shake and take"

-Senior is a member who actively contributes to the team, has played with us for at least a year and 6 months, and shows a willingness to lead, recruit new members, tactical awareness and skill on the

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