TACTICS & TRAINING: Reaction to Contact!

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TACTICS & TRAINING: Reaction to Contact! Empty TACTICS & TRAINING: Reaction to Contact!

Post by R3Monarch on Wed Apr 17, 2013 6:23 pm

When you take contact on the field, you will call out where the contact is coming from (i.e.: "CONTACT FRONT, 2ND STORY OF THE BUILDING!). Your fire team must gain find cover and gain fire superiority IMMEDIATELY or risk taking casualties.

Finding Cover:

Your first order of business is to find cover. Nearest thing to you: A rock, a tree, a burm or hill, a chest high wall (as seen in Gears of War haha), or the side of a building. Do not travel far because returning fire soon after is imperative. Grab the nearest cover to you

Fire Superiority:

Your immediate next task is to return fire. Dump as many rounds as you have to down range until the enemy's return fire dwindles to little or nothing. It's airsoft, so go fully automatic (with real steel you'd be popping off in semi automatic as quickly as possible). Make sure to cover all your sectors


Finally, after fire superiority is gained (to any degree), you advance. DO NOT SIT STILL. YOU WILL TAKE MORE CASUALTIES BY HIDING IN COVER THAN IF YOU ADVANCE AGGRESSIVELY.

Advance one by one while keeping the fire up. Lay down the hate and you will win any engagement.

Watch this video:


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TACTICS & TRAINING: Reaction to Contact! Empty Re: TACTICS & TRAINING: Reaction to Contact!

Post by Tech on Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:22 am

Good job David. Keep the good posts coming

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