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Fields and getting out there Empty Fields and getting out there

Post by Tech on Thu May 30, 2013 1:52 pm

Hey guys,
So I have spoke to a couple members about this but I think we really need to get our team out there and known. I propose that we start to expand our horizons outside of CQB and Ballahack. There are games out in PA according to Dom which should be no further than Ballahack and going to the asgi field could be a good idea.
When we get to fields we can do our normal thing of chill and talk but in addition to this I was thinking of going up to a couple people close to us and just do something simple like "Hey, we will be snapping pics and footage all day today. If you are interested check out our facebook page (insert name here) and youtube channel (insert name here." It is a very easy no commit gesture for fellow players. I do not see really any negatives to this as who would not want a free pic or video they may be in.

Some issues with this could be footage is helmet came stuff only. As far as pics go I am willing to take a round and snap some pics. So I think we can at least partially deliver.

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